As we enter a new era of digital health transformation, the healthcare sector is increasingly turning to health innovation partners to help them on the journey. Healthcare decision-makers are often short on time and budget, so they need a provider they can rely on.

It can be challenging for health leaders to cut through the noise and know which health innovation partner to go with. To help you stand out from the rest, in addition to attending HETT events, we have pulled together the main characteristics required to help build and develop collaborative relationships within the healthcare sector..



When it comes to growing your client portfolio, establishing yourself as a trustworthy partner is crucial for acquiring new business, as well as upholding your reputation within the industry.

For an industry that is vital to the public and has so much access to personal information, trust is one of the most important factors that healthcare professionals seek from their health innovation partner.

This goes beyond the regular vendor-customer relationship. It is about having a shared purpose and focus, where the partner meets the health organisation’s needs to develop trust and help them achieve their goals, allowing them to develop for the greater good.

Some of the critical concerns for the healthcare sector include delivering better patient care and increased operational abilities through digital transformation. By identifying the technologies, processes and innovations available, not only will you help them achieve these goals, but it will also go towards creating cost savings.

These factors are essential focuses for healthcare organisations. If you establish trust and provide these results, you will likely become a partner healthcare organisations rely on.


For a health innovation partnership to work, you must discover everything there is to know about your partner organisation. You should be committed to finding out about challenges, structure, tech stack, goals and aims to ensure you can deliver the desired results.

Having essential information and insight to grow on is vital in ensuring you can reach the goals. Without this knowledge, you may not be able to identify the solutions needed to reach the end goal.

Personalise the relationship. Understand that in healthcare, it is not just a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. By doing this, you will help healthcare partners create a culture driven by innovation.


The world around us is constantly changing, as are the needs of your client and the patients they serve. You must evolve to meet the needs of your healthcare partner as their priorities and processes change.

This may be by providing new ways of working that help create efficiencies for the healthcare sector or introducing new technologies. It can even be as simple as fast-tracking processes or reporting to ensure they get all the information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As innovators, you should drive the change, helping your healthcare partners transform for the better.

Dealing With Challenges

As with any industry, challenges will arise along the way. Increased demand, complex situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to digitally transform are all challenges the healthcare sector may face.

As a successful healthcare innovation partner, you should work with your clients to overcome these challenges. Talk through issues openly, think of new ideas and come up with solutions. Identify the challenges they face and find out how you, as the innovator, can help them to overcome these issues.


By entering a partnership with a healthcare provider, you commit to improving and innovating their services for the better. Healthcare organisations will rely on you to deliver the expertise required to improve their operation and level of service.

Offering products and services that are genuinely worthwhile to your client are critical, rather than wasting their time with something that will not work for them. You will already have established this demand through developing a trusted relationship and discovering more about the organisation.




Innovation goes hand in hand with forward-thinking. Healthcare professionals will look for a partner that can regularly bring fresh ideas to the table. They will rely on you to be proactive and identify solutions for their problems while thinking outside the box.

Are there greater efficiencies you could create for processes they had not even realised needed streamlining? Have you identified software or technology that could help them solve an operational problem and could be rolled out across the sector?

Finding the answers to questions that have not even been asked is key to developing trust and a successful relationship with your client.

Nurturing Leads and Winning Business Within the Digital Health Sector

Finding new clients and developing long-standing relationships is what will help your business to succeed, bringing increased revenue with it. But it is not as simple as finding new clients and you are good to go. Establishing yourself as a reputable health innovation partner takes time and effort.

As healthcare providers embark on their digital health journey, they need someone to help them achieve their goals. This is where innovative partners like yourselves can have a significant impact.

Nurturing leads, displaying the discussed characteristics and delivering results will help you foster a positive working relationship where every party succeeds on the path to digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

Looking To Succeed in the Digital Health Landscape?

We’re here to help you get started. Navigating the digital health landscape and winning new business can seem tough, but we are committed to helping organisations like yours. If you need help nurturing leads, managing your marketing efforts or fostering successful relationships, find out more with HETT.

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