Conversational AI and automation can build workforce capacity by taking on the admin burden across a multitude of processes and give NHS staff precious time to handle more complex, value-adding activities. More importantly, it can enable patients to ‘Wait well’ and empower them to self-care.

Explore these topics and more in the HETT 2022 roundtable with EBO, chaired by Dr Haris Shuiab, taking place on 27 September 11:00-12:00pm.

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At EBO we are working with NHS Trusts to automate patient-facing processes including appointment management, self-referral, self-assessment, consent to treatment and PROMS/ PREMs.

During the roundtable we will introduce actionable thinking around:

• Automation of specific Patient Pathways
• Interoperability and workforce capacity building
• The importance of access, adoption and patient engagement with digital solutions
• Clinical safety and patient readiness for automation
• Use-case examples and measurable elements
Register your interest to attend this roundtable

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