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Allie is a nurse in a busy trauma center. She’s managing a half dozen points of complexity when the call comes in: An ambulance is on its way to the hospital, bringing in a young man who was just struck by a car.

As Allie works to care for an agitated patient, the EMT calls from ambulance with information about the incoming trauma patient, which Allie records on her glove with a sharpie. As the EMT delivers critical medication information, Allie is distracted by the agitated patient and, unknowingly, doesn’t receive the information.

Watch to see how a major mistake has been set in motion – and how such a mistake can be avoided.


Vocera is here to take care of you as you continue to take care of your staff and patients. To learn more about cognitive overload including how to recognize the signs and symptoms, visit their Cognitive Overload resource page.

Vocera delivers the leading platform for clinical communication and workflow. Their mission is to simplify and improve the lives of healthcare professionals and patients while enabling hospitals to enhance quality of care and operational efficiency.

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