With massive amounts of data accumulating across multiple data systems, how do Healthcare organisations secure, scale, and integrate one of their most valuable and critical assets - data?

Boomi addresses healthcare-specific integration requirements by providing a flexible, intuitive, and intelligent platform for powering digital transformation. With Boomi helping your data and applications integrate together, your organisation can become more agile and efficient.

The Problem: It seems inevitable that data in Healthcare will only grow exponentially in the coming years. Understanding what data is available, where that data resides, how to access, catalog, integrate and master the data is fundamental in ensuring Healthcare organisations are extracting maximum value from this asset, whilst keeping patients reassured that appropriate safeguards exist to limit the risks of data leaks.


Why Attend Now: The pandemic introduced a lot of new challenges to the healthcare industry over the last couple of years, particularly in the customer experience space. With strict restrictions implemented in every healthcare facility, the doctor-patient relationship took a significant hit. And a considerable move towards digitisation across all industries resulted in consumers expecting similar technology innovations in their healthcare services as well. The unified Boomi Platform is the industry’s leading integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). It enables Healthcare organisations to understand their data estate and design a scalable, robust data strategy.


This Roundtable is recommended for: CTO’s - CIO’s - CDO’s - Heads of Innovation - Enterprise Cloud Architects - Directors of Digital Transformation - IT Managers - Data Scientists - Data Governance Leads - Data Engineers - VP’s of Enterprise Systems. 

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