We are delighted to invite you to join the webinar, "How Apps Can Deliver Value, Efficiency and Engagement in Healthcare Technology". This webinar takes place on Thursday 9th February 2023 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM (GMT). 

Matt O'Donovan, CEO, and James Morriss, Director of Business Development, detail how apps can influence everyone in a hospital, saving money, improving efficiency, and reducing patient isolation.

SPARK®, a digitally inclusive solution, is the conduit for creating ROI and driving efficiencies through personal and bedside technology. With over 65,300 apps available to enrich the lives of staff and patients, the infinite possibility for change is just over the Horizon.

In this webinar, we outline the huge potential for applications at the bedside and how just four apps can save the NHS over £600M a year.

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Join us to:
  • Realise the value and opportunity in existing Hospedia infrastructure and being able to utilise this to save cost and deliver digital transformation at the bedside. 
  • Understand the potential to proactively solve existing problems such as bed blocking and freeing up staff time to increase efficiencies. 
  • Understand how this solution will better inform and educate patients and empower them on their healthcare journey. 

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About the speakers

Matt O’Donovan, Chief Executive Officer at WiFi SPARKMatt O’Donovan, Chief Executive Officer at WiFi SPARK 

As the CEO of WiFi SPARK Matt is responsible for the strategic vision of the organisation and ensuring that as a team, WiFi SPARK stays ahead of the competition technically, commercially, and most importantly from a customer service perspective.

An experienced industry professional with 35 years of telecoms and IT track record, Matt has operated at the director or VP level for the past 25 years. Matt is one of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the WiFi marketplace and has created WiFi SPARK, the UK’s fastest-growing WiFi management company. WiFi SPARK is profitable, privately owned, and extremely reactive to market forces through the deployment of its unique products and services, SPARK®. The company is the largest WiFi provider to the NHS and has sector expertise not only in healthcare but also in transportation and retail.

Recently acquiring Hospedia, patient entertainment provider, the SPARK® solution is now making waves throughout healthcare, driving efficiencies and creating real ROI for the NHS. This is all in an effort to abolish the ‘patient-pays’ model, ensuring that no patient has to pay for entertainment and engagement by 2024. 

Specialities: Technical visionary, driven sales professional, and personable director-level communicator.

James Morriss, Director of Business Development at WiFi SPARK 

James Morriss, Director of Business Development at WiFi SPARKAs Director of Business Development, James Morriss brings 20 years of experience working within healthcare technology. He has a real passion for improving the patient experience and making the healthcare system more efficient.

James has a wealth of experience and particular expertise in healthcare technology and is responsible for driving the application suite within the SPARK® Platform. Through James’s directorship, WiFi SPARK is proving to save the NHS millions, save staff time and cost, and drive patient engagement and satisfaction through applications.

About WiFi SPARK


WiFi SPARK works in partnership with 80+ NHS Trusts across the UK to deliver its SPARK® Solution. Offering tailored patient engagement and analytics solutions that integrate with clinical and administrative systems to solve sector-wide and site-specific pain points, the solution's highlights include: 

  • Patient, visitor and staff secure WiFi 
  • Access to a variety of free entertainment including TV, radio and digitised magazines 
  • A platform to increase charity exposure and drive donations 
  • Educational content such as health videos and access to the NHS Apps Library 
  • Dementia support, communication aids and more 
  • App catalogue 
  • Surveys and poll functionality 
  • Digitally inclusive, BYOD or facility-owned devices 
  • Exceptional support 24/7 

In recent months, SPARK® has introduced a new suite of applications suitable for patients, staff and visitors to enrich their hospital experience. These apps are available via a number of devices, including patients own devices (BYOD - Bring your own device), Trust-owned devices like tablets, bedside units and other mounted screens.

These apps drive staff efficiencies, inform patients about their healthcare, save Trusts time and money as well as entertain and engage with patients and visitors. These applications ultimately lead to greater overall results such as reducing bed blocking

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