As the digital health sector accelerates and the need to get your brand noticed increases, consider how event marketing could benefit your brand.

Strengthening your brand and standing out against competitors will be critical considerations for your marketing team, so we investigate how events can help you succeed in the digital health sector.


Increase Brand Awareness

Perhaps the most obvious way event marketing can strengthen your brand is by increasing brand awareness. Events allow you to get your brand name in front of the people you are looking to establish relationships with and showcase the products and services you have to offer.

Organising and holding your own events allows you to establish your brand as a critical player in the industry with the target audience and let you display thought leadership with the theme of the event.

If you are attending exhibitions, you can reach a wider audience within your sector and increase awareness with those who may operate within other industries.

But it is not just about the event itself — utilising pre and post-event activities and comms can be just as beneficial when strengthening your brand. Spend the time communicating and collaborating with event organisers and get the most out of your investment by capitalising on that additional marketing support.


Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Events allow you to establish your brand as a key player within the industry and demonstrate thought leadership on the topics important to your new and existing customers.

Utilise speaking opportunities to showcase your knowledge, provide information on key subjects and use it as a chance to sell your products and services.

Once again, successful event marketing does not just hinge on the event itself — think about the entire end-to-end experience for the customer and how you can create awareness and add value for them at every stage. Generate awareness on social and through email before the event, display case studies and data during the event and offer recorded versions of talks after the event for people to enjoy any time. 

Pre-event and post-event collateral such as case studies, whitepapers, downloads and emails can continue demonstrating your thought leadership, further enhancing your brand awareness with potential leads by providing beneficial information.


Generate Buy-in

Not only does event marketing allow you to generate leads and new customers, but it can also help you research to generate buy-in.

Gather key details and conduct research to learn about customers’ needs, how you can cater to them and what you may need to do to plug any gaps. This can help you inform critical decisions that will drive your marketing and sales efforts to generate revenue.

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Strengthen Your Reputation

Having a strong reputation is crucial to winning business within the digital health sector, and event marketing can help you achieve this. As previously discussed, events allow you to generate brand awareness and, in turn, strengthen your reputation by establishing yourself as a key player within the sector.

It also helps you establish brand alignment with event attendees such as sector leaders, influencers and public bodies, leading to beneficial partnerships that further strengthen your reputation.

By conducting competitor research at events, it will also help you identify any gaps you need to fill to ensure your brand succeeds in as many areas as possible, demonstrating your brand value to potential clients.


Develop Relationships with Existing Customers

It is not just about generating new leads — developing relationships with existing customers can also be crucial for event marketing.

Inviting customers to attend events as your guest, giving VIP offerings at events and asking your customers to speak or share insights with new leads contribute to establishing partnerships and making your existing customers feel valued.

Valued customers are more likely to continue their business relationship with you. They may even be willing to invest more in your services as a result of this, which all leads towards increased revenue.


Increase Revenue

Ultimately, the key business objective of investing in event marketing will be to generate leads and increase revenue. By establishing a clear events strategy and defining the goals you hope to achieve, you should easily calculate the ROI of your event.

All of the previously discussed points come together to drive business growth and increase brand revenue.


Utilise Event Marketing to Win Business Within the Digital Health Sector

When it comes to winning new business, the benefits of event marketing should not be ignored. Giving you the opportunity to establish brand awareness, generate new customers and ultimately increase revenue, having an event marketing strategy could be the key to driving business growth.

Establish a strategy, set clear goals and invest well and you should be ready to reap the benefits of effective event marketing.

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