Change is constant within the healthcare industry. Evolving technologies, increasing challenges, COVID-19 and economic events have all had a profound impact on how health organisations operate and how the industry as a whole looks today.

As the need to become more digitally focused becomes apparent, the resistance to change within organisations can be strong. The fear of the unknown, lack of time and, in some cases, the absence of technological ability can all hinder the digital health journey.

Digital leaders know the possibilities and advantages of digital transformation, but it is about translating these opportunities to provide a benefit for your colleagues so they can be equally as invested in and excited about the prospects.

We explore how you can get your clinical colleagues excited about digital health in more detail.


Empower Staff to Engage in Digital Transformation

Effectively communicating the benefits of digital transformation can be the biggest challenge to overcome. In the healthcare industry, frontline staff, middle management and senior leaders can often be short on time and stuck in the day-to-day provision of health services, so it can be difficult to get clinical colleagues invested in digital health.

It’s crucial to break down the barrier between informaticians and clinical staff so they can explore and realise the possibilities. Communicate the opportunities, explain that you do not need technology skills to experience the benefits that digital health can bring and encourage open conversations about what works for everybody.

Working with frontline staff and middle management to identify their needs and concerns can go a long way to getting them on board with the digital health journey, as they are likely to be more invested if they feel like the change addresses their requirements.

It is also about empowering your staff to feel invested in digital transformation. The NHS Digital Academy has many courses and qualifications available for NHS employees. With greater learning comes more knowledge and, with that, more opportunities and ideas to drive digital transformation.


Work Together to Solve Real-life Problems

For colleagues from all departments, sectors and organisations becoming invested in digital health, it is about getting them involved and finding solutions to their problems.

To deliver better care solutions for patients and make healthcare operations more efficient, work with the people experiencing these issues and collaborate with them to find the answers through technological solutions.

This is where effective communication comes back into play. If you work with your colleagues and involve them in the changes, they will be much more likely to feel invested.


'The Art of the Possible'

Introduce ‘the art of the possible’ to your colleagues — the theory that focuses on transforming ideas into solutions. This principle is used throughout the healthcare sector to explore digital solutions to serve the needs of patients and employees

By getting on board with this theory, colleagues, employees and partners can ask the questions themselves and, with the help of digital leaders, explore ways of making their working lives easier and more effective through technology.


Healthtech Experiences

One of the most impactful ways of getting clinical colleagues involved is to experience digital health first-hand to see the possibilities for themselves. Inviting colleagues and partners to engage in events, networking opportunities and training courses allow them to invest personally in the digital health journey.

Attending industry-leading events such as HETT let digital leaders, colleagues and decision-makers see first-hand what digital solutions are out there and offer them the opportunity to network with vendors and other health professionals.

As previously mentioned, the NHS Digital Academy is another way of experiencing healthtech solutions and results. The NHS Digital Academy aims to train health and care professionals to become digital leaders and drive innovation within healthcare. By encouraging people to participate in these programmes, more and more digital leaders will be invested in and able to drive the change.


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