Human Centered Design and Digital Exclusion

Download our CPD-certified session where representatives from NHS Digital, mHabitat, Good Things Foundation, The University of Edinburgh, Immersion Group and PEP Health discuss human-centred design and digital exclusion in healthcare.

  • Demystifying human-centred design - what is human-centred design and why it is so important in this context?
  • Should we leave human-centred design to the experts or do we all need to spread 'design thinking' across the system?
  • Examples of how human-centred design is being used to improve services and lives in healthcare?
  • What are the potential health and social deficit if we don’t get human-centred design right?
  • How does human-centric design assure usability - and hence safety and inclusion?
  • Digital exclusion
  • Is digital exclusion the big flaw in the 'digital first' plan?
  • What has been the experience for people who are digitally excluded since COVID-19 changed our world?
  • How do we create the conditions where citizens who most need health and care services and support are digitally empowered not excluded?

Stream now!

The panel discussion was recorded at our virtual event, the Leading Healthcare Innovation Summit (20-22 October 2020). Here is a sneak peak of what to expect:


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