Join us for an exclusive on-demand interview session with Eric Topol, as he discusses redefining digital maturity with HETT's Steering Committee Chair, Sam Shah.

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What will be covered?

  • What are the new benchmarks for digital maturity as we reset the NHS and reassess where we sit against the Topol Report and The Long-Term Plan?
  • How having a singular focus has impacted our culture of innovation - what have we proven is achievable and where do the challenges still lie
  • The rise of the digitally empowered patient, creating an inclusive and human centred healthcare service; creating more digital opportunity and not disadvantage
  • Emerging clinical pathways
  • Credibility, reliability, and shareability of data

Stream now!

The interview was recorded at our virtual event, the Leading Healthcare Innovation Summit (20-22 October 2020). Here is a sneak peak of what to expect:


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