Download Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Virtual Wards

Technology-enabled Virtual Wards have arrived, are you ready?

The NHS must establish 24,000 Virtual Ward beds by December 2023 to support a targeted increase of 30% in elective care procedures by 2025.The delivery of effective ‘in-hospital’ patient care depends on reliable communication, monitoring, and alerts. Maintaining this level of care efficiently and effectively in a Virtual Ward, outside of the hospital, requires reliable, trusted, proven and privacy-compliant solutions for timely detection, prevention, and treatment.

Virtual Wards empower operators to achieve objectives such as admission avoidance, early discharge, increasing workforce efficiency and enhancing patient experience.


Masimo offers an end-to-end approach with its Digital Health platform to help NHS providers implement Virtual Wards. The innovative monitoring solutions from Masimo have a proven track record of success and have been used across the NHS for more than 15 years.

  • Wireless wearable sensors, both spot-check and continuous, are seamlessly integrated via Bluetooth with patient’s own mobile devices. Masimo SET® ensures high monitoring standards for all patient populations.
  • Alert limits, designed to automatically notify the acute care providers when the patient shows signs of deterioration, allow providers to target interventions and prioritise patient management as needed.
  • Masimo SafetyNet is more than just an app, its clinical portal offers over 150 customisable live care programs, at no charge, across the full range of patient pathways, both “pre” and “post” hospital stay. Both a command centre and a patient-centric view are provided to support review of the data in a variety of ways.
  • Patients and acute care providers connect via the secure, NHS NDG compliant Masimo SafetyNet network, enabling 2-way audio and video communication on a 24/7 patient specific basis.
  • Masimo SafetyNet can be integrated seamlessly with existing Electronic Health Records, keeping all patient data in one easy to access location

Download Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Virtual Wards


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