The HETT Unexpected Innovation Awards returns in November 2022 to celebrate the very best in experimental design, collaboration, and leadership in digital healthcare. 

The event showcases champions of digital health innovation and highlights some great stories of transformation. The awards bring together the health and care ecosystem and highlights best practice examples to inspire more to do the same. 

This award category seeks to highlight the most inventive solution/delivery of service that is at the forefront of best practice in solving a current and wicked healthcare problem. 

The three shortlisted submissions for this category are: 

Definition Health

The current elective surgery waiting list is near to six million and hospitals are hampered by outdated, paper-heavy processes. Definition Health was founded to create a digital solution that allows hospitals to efficiently respond to the pent-up demand in the healthcare system.  

With ‘LifeBox’, patients are empowered to take charge of their own healthcare journey, being as informed as possible at every stage of the process, and not having to travel long distances for unnecessary appointments.

The technology refocuses the surgical pathway around the patient, to deliver continuity of care and avoid unnecessary appointments and cancellations. This end-to-end approach results in better patient outcomes, cost savings and increased efficiencies. 

Patients are empowered to complete much of their pre-assessment in the comfort of their own homes through a digital health questionnaire. Meanwhile, clinical teams can provide critical prehabilitation advice and other important information to ensure patients are informed prior to surgery 

In a case study published in the NHSx digital playbook in partnership with SWLEOC, the hospital evidenced savings of over £96,000 for every 5,000 patients, with printing and postal costs being reduced by roughly £11,000 during the study. Time saving was improved by 1.92 hours per patient, with improved patient satisfaction to 88%. 

Patients across the country have benefitted from the wider rollout of LifeBox and its accompanying apps. Definition Health has also been involved in charity work - offering remote care using LifeBox in The Gambia, where patients would have to travel over 100 miles for a consultation. 

Diligram Limited 

Protocols and guidelines are vital in the NHS for frontline workers, but it is not always easy to provide workers with the information they need. The current staffing crisis has made Trusts ever more reliant on agency/temp workers to fill the gaps.  

The MyStaff app sets out to reimagine how critical data could be easily consumed by frontline staff. The team collaborated with Mid & South Essex NHS Trust and by using their 2,000 policies and guidelines, they developed an end-to-end document management delivery concept. It provides instant access (taking seconds, not minutes) to find critical documents. This includes accessibility features to support staff with learning difficulties.  

In addition, the process of uploading documents to the intranet requires significant manual data which is subject to human error. Now, when a document is imported, all the required fields are autocompleted by an AI solution. This reduces the risk of human error by 30% across the average Trust document library, thus improving overall document compliance. 

The product was initially launched across the maternity departments of six hospitals in the Trust and has already become a critical tool for midwives working within the hospitals and in the community. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

One midwife explained every time she is out in the community with a patient and there is an urgent need for guidance, she previously had to contact a colleague and ask her to look it up on the intranet. The MyStaff app is a game changer.

Infinity Health 

The use of paper, phone calls, spreadsheets and instant messaging waste hours of time each day. Often to-do lists are written by hand, on paper, as they have been for over 70 years. 

Paper notes are inefficient and unsafe; no-one can see what anyone else is working on, it’s difficult to ask for and offer support, and tasks can easily get missed. Staff spend hours trying to find information and logging into multiple systems. 

Infinity Health has developed a digital task management platform, called Infinity, that NHS professionals can use to plan, coordinate, and manage their workloads.

Infinity enables staff to access a real-time caseload and task list from any location, via mobile or desktop, so they don’t need to spend time looking up information on clunky on-site systems, or phone, bleep, and instant message colleagues to find out crucial patient information. Ultimately, it improves efficiency so staff can spend more time on and with their patients.

Infinity means that staff don’t need paper to keep track of their days, to handover tasks, or to make notes that they later have to enter into another system (e.g. an EHR). Some EHRs do have task functionality, but Infinity is optimised for mobile and is real-time, making it much more suitable for day-to-day caseload management from the point of care.

So far, Infinity has over 40,000 NHS users (15% of frontline staff) in more than 10 NHS Trusts. 

Visit the HETT Unexpected Innovation Awards 2022 website for more information about the categories and the upcoming awards ceremony. 

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