Building a healthy pipeline is a crucial goal for most organisations. However, ensuring it happens isn’t always as straightforward.

In this article, we’ll provide five tactics to support your organisation in its efforts to build a strong pipeline and win new business within the digital health sector.

Take the Time to Understand Your Customers

Different customers have different motivations. They’re working on their budgets, have specific goals they want to achieve and will have various reasons for potentially using your solutions to make it happen.

Therefore, you must understand your different customer base to determine what they need, why they need it and how your solutions can solve their challenges.

To understand your customers, you should undertake extensive research and create a range of buyer personas

These are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers based on data and research. They help you focus your time on qualified prospects, guide product development to suit the needs of your target customers and align all work across your organisation.


Name: CIO Carl

Income: £100k - £150k

Age: 45 - 65


Paint Points:

  • Technical debt - Backlog of requirements and coding that’s not up to scratch

  • Slow IT resources restricted by capacity and speed of personnel

  • GDPR compliance requirements

  • Cost Control - Multiple applications and licences, plus hardware and maintenance

  • Security concerns

  • Adapting to increasing remote working demands

  • Outdated, legacy systems and processes


  • Innovation - Staying ahead of current trends and technologies
  • Support of long term business objectives, goals and initiatives

  • Transforming the business through technology

  • Increased operational efficiency (business-wide)



  • Finding new efficiencies to speed up the time to market with IT and technology

  • Reducing the number of applications and licences to save on costs

  • Future proofing the companies tech stack from rapid change

  • Maintaining high standards of security
  • Proving the ROI of technology within the business

  • Staying ahead of new and developing technologies

How They Learn:

  • Blog Posts

  • Ebooks

  • Podcasts 

  • Social Media 

  • Videos


Clearly Define Your Sales Process

By having a structured sales process that you know is working, you’re more likely to continually build a healthy pipeline and also close deals faster.

Your buyer personas have a prominent role to play throughout the sales process. They should help you understand more about different buyers’ journeys and how to communicate with prospects in the most effective way.

You should also clearly define the different stages of your sales process and what action needs to be taken by a prospect to move them along to the next stage. This will ensure your pipeline has a healthy flow of new leads coming in and, hopefully, deals being closed as well.

Try New Lead Generation Techniques

You want to make sure you have a steady stream of leads regularly entering your pipeline. You should always try new lead generation techniques for this to happen.

In the world of digitisation, lead generation is never standing still. There are always new technologies and solutions that aim to generate more leads.  

For example, a recent study found that 84% of marketers believed video helped generate new leads. Video marketing is just one lead generation technique you may want to try out. There are many others, such as utilising social media more or building a detailed email marketing strategy.


Create Dashboards to Track Progress

Technology can support your business in managing your sales pipeline better. You should always use dashboards to understand where specific leads are up to in the pipeline and what actions need to be taken to move them along.

Dashboards will also help you better determine specific sales KPIs, which are crucial for building a pipeline with digital health leads.

Your dashboard can be shared with other teams too. This ensures everyone is on the same page and understands what actions can be taken as a team to continually build a healthy pipeline for your business.



Keep on Top of Your Sales Funnel

You may naturally find yourself juggling multiple parts. This can make it easy to lose track of your sales funnel, which you most definitely need to avoid.

To successfully build your pipeline with digital health leads, you need to have good oversight over each stage of your sales funnel and proactively keep in contact with leads.

Setting up task automation and reminders is the key to making this happen. This is because it helps your entire team be more efficient in connecting and following up with qualified leads to move them down the pipeline.

The Benefits of Event Marketing

To help you cut through the noise and reach potential new customers, you should consider event marketing. In our latest blog, you’ll learn about the key benefits that event marketing could offer you and your organisation.

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