Weavr is a financial-technology disruptor that empowers businesses to radically innovate by connecting people with the financial services they need in an increasingly digitised world.

As an exhibitor for the upcoming Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) conference in September, we caught up with Weavr to discuss all things fintech, from efficient automation processes to overall payment solutions and access.

HETT: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Tell us a bit about how your organisation currently supports the health and care sector.

Weavr: We support the founders and software businesses that are working to improve healthcare outcomes with access to payment and banking technology that enables automation of payments and reconciliation, improved payment UX, and generates additional revenue lines for the business.

In practice, that means enabling innovative business models that tackle healthcare challenges from new angles, e.g. Mosaic Health providing access to health insurance for an audience that is typically left out - startup founders and employees. Insurance is seen as a ‘luxury’ that only large and established firms can offer. Weavr Improves financial efficiency within platforms that service the healthcare industry, thus reducing costs and improving ROI.

HETT: With your experience, what are some of the biggest challenges that you have identified when working closely with your NHS/Care partners?

Weavr: SaaS providers are tackling the complexity of care delivery, across suppliers, workers, employees, and end users. Operations are complex and providing a single view of those is critical. Too often the solutions/services stop short of offering a compelling and easy-to-use payment solution. Our Plug-and-Play Finance technology can support all payment flows, whether they are consumer payments, purchasing, or payouts.

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HETT: Tell us how working with your products and solutions can help tackle some of the challenges that exist within digital health.

Weavr: There are three main ways in which Weavr can have a positive impact on the challenges we’re all tackling within digital health.

Innovation: there’s a whole ecosystem of digital platforms that are aligned on improving patient/end-user outcomes. We enable the people who are building innovative solutions to add payments solutions into their offerings, e.g. to power payments and automation within SaaS platforms for employee expense management or supplier finance and benefits. By making more tools available (payment services) the builders of such platforms can create more creative, powerful, and valuable offerings to tackle the thorny issues the industry is facing.

Viable business models: we help businesses to make more money per user without having to increase marketing spend. Our solutions provide new sources of revenue for the builds of healthcare platforms as the movement of money within them can be monetised

Efficiency: our solution also provides automation of repetitive and typically many back-office tasks, such as a reconciliation of expenditure and invoices. Automation leads to less manual errors and radically speeds up processes, both of which save on costs

HETT: We will be hosting HETT Connect again this year, enabling speakers to meet with exhibitors on a 1:1 basis. Who are you hoping to meet?

Weavr: We’re most looking forward to meeting with Software-as-a-Service providers who are developing the innovative platforms that the sector uses to improve patient outcomes. Additionally, we’d like to meet with businesses in the care sector who've embarked on digital transformation and looking at automation improved UX and cost-effectiveness. We can help them future-proof and scale their businesses.

HETT: As HETT Show approaches (27-28 Sept @ExCeL London), tell us what you are looking forward to the most at HETT Show 2022.

Weavr: We are excited to learn about the latest advancements in the digital sphere as it pertains to implementation, delivery of healthcare, digital care models, and the creation of health systems for the future.

Thank you for your time today. It’s been a pleasure learning more about how Weavr contributes to the evolution of the healthcare sector. We look forward to seeing you at HETT Show (27th & 28th September, ExCeL London)!

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