There is no doubt that the digital health industry is growing exponentially, but there is a critical blocker hindering the growth of digital health — the lack of suitably skilled employees to drive it.

There are many opportunities to use technology to transform the health industry, not only for patients but also for those employed by the sector. Whether you are a web developer, project manager, digital marketer or looking to work for the NHS, there are many career options within digital health.

If you are looking to kickstart your journey in digital health, we have all the tips you need to further your efforts and build a long-lasting, rewarding career.


The Importance of Networking

Building a career in digital health does not involve only you. Building a network of like-minded individuals in the sector is essential to ensuring your path to success. 

By building connections within the healthcare sector, you can capitalise on the advantages of sharing skills and knowledge across departments and organisations. You could discover new technologies by speaking with software developers or working collaboratively with digital leaders in the NHS to identify gaps and room for improvement.

The biggest point to make here is not to become complacent. Always look to meet and learn from new experts in their field. That way, you can apply the knowledge to your situation, underpinning the skills you need to further your career within digital health.


Be Dedicated to Helping People

The healthcare industry hinges on its dedication to helping people. Digital health aims to support this by driving transformation to enable better care and increase the abilities and efficiencies of healthcare employees.

This overall goal should be at the front and centre of everything you do. By being dedicated to helping people, you will naturally spot the opportunities and deliver strategies and results that will improve how the industry operates.


Invest Your Time in Career Support Mechanisms

Whether you are a recent graduate or a junior in your career, supplementing your CV with extra qualifications could be what makes you stand out from the rest. Look into academies and qualifications that you could participate in — most of them can be done in your spare time and will not impact your working week.

If you are looking to head back to formal education, then there are countless undergraduate and postgraduate courses now available, which could help give you the academic foundation you need to grow from.

The NHS has also set up its Digital Academy to help develop digital leaders who can drive the change within the NHS. If you are looking for a career within the NHS, this could be the route to go down to ensure your peers invest in your development and offer you the opportunities to grow.

But it is also important to remember you do not necessarily need a health background to get started on your digital health career journey. If you work within marketing, software development, project management or in another role, as long as you are keen to learn about technological advancements and how they could help the health sector, you will be well on your way to achieving career success.


Keep Learning

As within any digital industry, continual learning is crucial. Digital health is a fast-paced industry, so it is essential to ensure you are ahead of the game.

By networking with others in the industry, engaging in extra learning and qualifications, and becoming a part of professional bodies, you can learn new skills and hear about news, developments and information you can apply in your role.

As we have mentioned previously, do not remain static. Acknowledge that you will need to continually learn and grow and identify those areas where you can add value and progress within the sector.


Be Part of Support Groups

Many professional communities have been created for the digital health sector and harnessing the benefits of becoming a member will only positively impact your career.

The UK Faculty of Clinical Informatics is a professional body for all those working in the healthcare sector dedicated to the best use of information and technology to improve healthcare. They offer a range of resources, career advice, education, training and appraisals.

The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) promotes social and economic progress through the advancement of IT. Instead of representing healthcare, they represent the IT industry as a whole, meaning you could learn about new developments and technologies that have not infiltrated the digital health sector yet. They offer career advice, qualifications and certifications, as well as hold events and conduct valuable research.

Finally, there’s FEDIP — a community of informatics experts dedicated to delivering better healthcare. By becoming a member, you will be able to access digital credentials, gain registered status and contact a community of professionals you can learn from and grow with.


Here Is the Place to Start

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