Apps for Remote Physiotherapy

To minimise risks of exposing patients to COVID-19, around 70,000 physiotherapists in the UK alone1 are being asked to adopt remote consultations. Already growing in popularity, physiotherapy apps are now a vital tool for physiotherapists to improve patient outcomes.

Apps can be used effectively to help in assessment, treatment compliance, monitoring of symptoms, or self-management of conditions, improving a patient's physical and mental health.

On behalf of NHS organisations, ORCHA assesses more apps than anyone else, looking at clinical assurance, safety, data privacy and user experience. Below are two top scoring apps that are designed to help with remote physiotherapy.

Click below to watch our videos about each app:

GPEP Physiotherapy Exercises has been designed with the help of NHS GPs and physiotherapists with the aim of bringing users access to self-help advice from professionals, enabling users with back, muscle and joint conditions to start their recovery early. GPEP's ORCHA Review can be found here.

AfterTrauma provides information on both the physical and emotional impacts of serious injury, and has been co-designed with serious injury survivors, carers, doctors and therapists. The app is set up to help users rebuild their lives. Read AfterTrauma's ORCHA Review here.


1 Number of physiotherapists in the UK

Original source:

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