Rolling out our Online Consult solution at Davenal House Surgery in Worcestershire has enabled this practice to provide digital first access for its patients.

In January 2020, Davenal House Surgery added Online Consult to their already growing list of digital services, underpinned by Patient Access. By collecting all the necessary information, Online Consult helps staff triage patients to determine the best avenue of care, whilst also determining what outcome the patient themselves is looking for.

Designed by NHS GPs, Online Consult enables practices to triage patients and prioritise resource based on their symptoms and responses to questions, as well as automatically signpost patients to the appropriate services using intelligent inbuilt workflows and algorithms. With over 75 forms covering 200 topics, clinicians are able to effectively collect data from patients in advance of consultation that populates directly into EMIS Web, reducing phone traffic and unnecessary appointments. This tool also promotes patient ability to manage their own healthcare, with over 200 videos available to help inform their decisions.

“Online consult provides us with a head start by delivering key history alongside the patient’s ideas, concerns, and expectations. From there, we can take action to meet need, address concern and modify unrealistic expectation.”
Dr Nicholas Boeckx, GP partner, Davenal House Surgery

In just a few short months, the practice is already feeling the benefits of the new system. Receptionists have noted a reduction in phone traffic, and through using Online Consult, they’ve noticed patients have been more inclined to take up other digital services such as prescription ordering and appointment booking.

For clinicians, the template ensures information is available in advance of the consultation, meaning they’re better equipped to focus their time on patient care. Online Consult prioritises patient safety by ensuring important red flag questions have been answered, and matters of clinical urgency highlighted.

With Online Consult integrating directly into EMIS Web, less time is needed to document patient notes. With information automatically logged, there is a significant reduction in the time taken to complete a consultation. Patients have found that convenient service signposting is also saving their time, and taking them directly to the services they need.

“Some patients may get all the information they need via triage and don’t need to contact us at all.”
Dr Nicholas Boeckx, GP partner, Davenal House Surgery

Providing access at the point of need, this service enables patients to submit their information any time, meaning even if the practice is out of hours, their notes are ready and waiting for review when the clinicians arrive for work.

“People worry about older patients not being able to use it but that’s not what we’ve found. We have people of all ages using online consult.”
Dr Nicholas Boeckx, GP partner, Davenal House Surgery

With such success using this service, the surgery is now looking to further expand their digital solutions with Video Consult. With a full suite of services, they’re driving forward on the NHS objective to enable a Digital Front Door; providing digital-first access to healthcare services across primary care.

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