Free digital signatures VIDsigner, Validated ID's commitment during COVID-19

Validated ID have created the VIDsigner freemium digital signature service to help people in a more agile and effective way, giving away unlimited signatures until May 31 for any document in order to stay connected while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Here are the first steps to get started: sign up for the VIDsigner platform. You will immediately receive an email with your access data, and can start signing PDFs online.

If you need more tips on what other services you can use with your team, Validated ID have created a blog post with other resources that you may need while working remotely.

What do you need for using the VIDsigner freemium service?

In order to create a username and password for you to use the service you will need to submit your full surname, an email address, your mobile number with the prefix +44 (VIDsigner Remote uses a double verification system to your email and your phone number to guarantee the identity of the signer) and your VAT number.

Can you send the same document to several people to sign?

You have unlimited signatures until May 31 to use them in what you need most. A document can have more than one signature. To add signers to the document, you just have to click on the arrows in the header, enter the data required for the signers, and locate their signatures in the document. You can see how it works in this video:

How can I retrieve a document that I have sent to sign?

Use your credentials to access the service. After this you will find a button on the Home which says: DOWNLOAD SIGNED DOCUMENTS. Every file you have sent to sign will be available for you there.

Do I have support if I have questions?

Yes, there's online support in the registration page. Also, Validated ID has developed this webinar in order to help you use the service. You can see more of what they do on their YouTube channel.

What will happen after May 31?

Validated ID will send you a notice email a few days before so you can decide what to do. You will be able to get in touch with a member of their team who will study your case and give you the best option, so that you don’t miss a deal.

Take care and be sure to contact Validated ID if they can help you with something else. We are closer than ever.

Validated ID offers security trust services to the processes of electronic signature and digital identity verification. VIDsigner is our SaaS electronic signature service for face-to-face and remote scenarios.

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