GP Demonstrates 3 Apps for Managing Heart Health at Home

After using the COVID-19 App Formulary, Dr Tom Micklewright gives another personal, practical view on three apps which can help patients better manage heart health at home.

ORCHA has reviewed a total of 221 apps for heart and stroke. This is a category of low-scoring apps, with almost 80% scoring below our quality threshold. This is worrying, considering that these apps have been downloaded 1,077,586,960 times on Google Play, and includes apps from well-known brands.

It illustrates why our independent app reviews should be consulted to check which apps are safe to use, before downloading or recommending to a patient.

In the video below, hear Dr Tom Micklewright introduce his independent reviews of heart health apps that can help during the COVID-19 crisis, and how professionals can recommend these solutions to patients via the ORCHA App Library.

Click below to watch the video:

Kardia demonstration:

Dr Micklewright looks at the way in which the Kardia app and device provides medical-grade single lead ECG tracing, meaning it can be used to detect atrial fibrillation (AF). Patients can take their own readings, which are recorded and can be tracked in the app:

Click here to access ORCHA's review of Kardia on our COVID-19 App Library.

FibriCheck app demonstration:

Dr Micklewright demonstrates the FibriCheck app, exploring how it can be used to detect AF, how it compares to a patch-based ECG trace, and what the clinician dashboard feature looks like:

Click here to view ORCHA's review of FibriCheck on our dedicated COVID-19 App Library.

Fitbit demonstration:

For his insight into another top-scoring app that can help with managing heart health at home, Dr Micklewright demonstrates how Fitbit goes beyond simply tracking steps and sleep, to also track heart rate. The Fitbit watch and app mean that tracking heart rate can become a routine part of the patient's day:

Click here to read ORCHA's review of Fitbit on the COVID-19 App Library.

ORCHA COVID-19 App Formulary:

Dr Micklewright summarises which apps can have a role in identifying heart arrhythmias, and which help with more general lifestyle changes. All apps mentioned can be accessed on ORCHA's COVID-19 App Library.

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