We cannot wait to welcome you to HETT North on 28th February 2024 in Manchester. As we gear up for this highly anticipated digital healthcare conference and exhibition, we're thrilled to provide you with a sneak peek into the six content streams that will be a central focus at HETT North, unveiling the diverse topics and crucial discussions each stream will cover.   

Theatres and Breakout Rooms for 2024 

Integrated Care Forum: New for 2024 

Connected systems, services and data across health and care settings are key priorities and challenges as the NHS looks to offer joined-up, person-centred care delivered in collaboration with local partners. This forum will look at what the future holds for Integrated Care Systems.     

Delve into reflections on the progress of Integrated Care Systems, aiming to understand how to make them function effectively two years after their introduction. Additionally, you will hear more about the critical role of robust data governance in advancing data collection, storage, and sharing across borders. 

This theatre will include insights from the NHS England Frontline Digitisation Team, offering you guidance and support essential for a successful Electronic Patient Record (EPR) journey. Learn about the significance of partnership within the healthcare industry, focusing on placing partnerships at the core of supplier relationships, and how to get the best ROI from your commercial partnerships.  

Example sessions from this theatre: 

  • Keynote Panel – Reflections on Integrated Care Systems: How do we get them to work? 
  • NHS Frontline Digitalisation: Themes, Tips and Support for Your EPR Journey  

Workforce, Adoption & Productivity Theatre 

Highlighting the people, process, and business requirements for successful and meaningful digital transformation. Supporting the workforce with the tools for digital productivity, up-skilling and professionalisation to deliver transformed care. 

This includes an exploration of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan and the pivotal role that digital plays within it. You will also hear our speakers examine strategies for building high-impact digital teams, emphasising skills development and training to ensure they deliver maximum value.  

The theatre will also address the equilibrium between innovation and financial sustainability, a key challenge in the evolving healthcare landscape. Additionally, you will uncover the potential evolution of job roles within the NHS, and the realm of automation, seeking to identify best practices for its implementation on the frontline of healthcare. 

Example sessions from this theatre:  

  • Train, Retain, Reform – How will the NHS Long Term Plan Support the NHS’ Digital Journey? 
  • Building Teams that Deliver the Most Value – Developing Effective Digital Skills and Training 

Digital Maturity Forum 

Showcasing best-practice approaches to meaningful digital transformation, discussing key barriers and enablers to digital maturity, and driving innovation in health and care delivery. Hearing from key stakeholders cross-sector and unveiling the big policy announcements. 

The Digital Maturity Forum will explore central agency policy updates and their impact on the healthcare landscape. Hear more about the Federated Data Platform, as our speakers examine the initial pilot programs to better comprehend its implications and potential benefits. 

At the Digital Maturity Forum, you will also look at compliance, clinical safety, and trust in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) within healthcare. You will hear more about the critical issues surrounding the ethical and practical aspects of AI integration. Lastly, view digital maturity in healthcare through a global lens and provide comparisons.  

Example sessions from this theatre: 

  • Mastering Effective Virtual Wards: Embedding, Refining and Scaling Digital Home Care 
  • NHS and Beyond: Driving Innovation for Digital Maturity in Global Context 


Digitally Empowered Patients 

The Digitally Empowered Patients Theatre views national digital transformation aims through a patient-centric lens, focusing on patient facing technologies and the challenges pertaining to bringing patients closer to digital tools. This theatre will take an inclusive approach to showcasing patient voices, which will be featured throughout the day.     

Explore the advancement of health equity across the UK through digital innovations and their impact on population health, whilst also looking into the future of genomic sequencing within the NHS. 

Investigate best practices for user-centered design integration into existing healthcare technology and examine the adoption of digital tools like apps, wearables, and digital care in healthcare delivery. Delve into the expansion of virtual wards into various healthcare specialties, highlighting the evolving landscape of remote healthcare services. 

Example sessions from this theatre: 

  • From Disparity to Parity: Unravelling the Digital and Population Health Journey to Inclusive Patient Services 
  • Personal Down to Your DNA: The Future Role of Genomic Healthcare in the NHS 

New Breakout Room for 2024: HETT Digital Social Care Insights 

This all new stream aims to support and inform those across the social care sector. It aims to support the social care sector and explore what a future digitally forward social care sector could look like. It will discuss emerging technologies, new data practices, and best practice case studies.   

Example sessions from this stream:  

  • Supporting a Digitally Forward Social Care Workforce: Assessing the Current State of Play and Driving Digital Across the Ecosystem 
  • Revolutionising Social Care: Navigating the Digital Frontier and Unlocking What is Possible 

New Breakout Room for 2024: HETT Digital Primary Care Insights

This stream aims to support and inform those on the frontline. It aims to support a digitally forward primary care sector by discovering emerging technologies and data practices and exploring the latest trends and best practice case studies. This stream technologies and data practices, the patient, and the primary care professionals.  

Example sessions from this stream:

  • Interoperability from the Frontline: How Can we Bridge the Gaps Across the Health and Care Ecosystem? 
  • Digitally Empowering the Person: Encouraging the Population to Take Greater Ownership of Their Health  

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