Join us at HETT North on February 28th for the introduction of HETT's latest feature, the Digital Primary Care Insights stream. This content stream is geared towards providing robust support to the Primary Care sector while offering a glimpse into what a digitally advanced future could hold. 

What Will the New Stream Explore? 

Navigating Interoperability from the Frontline 

The stream will also delve deeper into the critical role of collaboration within the health and care ecosystem. Questions surrounding the cultivation of better interoperability will be addressed, highlighting the need for seamless communication and integration across various facets of the sector. Looking at what innovative tech, including AI, could do to support this.  

Driving Digital Upskilling Across the Sector 

HETT Digital Primary Care Insights aims to support and inform those on the frontline. It aims to support a digitally forward primary care sector by best practice case studies in how the workforce has been support in their digital education.  

Supporting Population Health Management  

This stream will aim to understand the current state of play in the UK’s knowledge of their health, explore the use of technology in supporting this and how this has been done in practice. We will explore different settings from GP, pharmacy and physiotherapy.  

Sessions and Speakers for HETT North 2024 

We're thrilled to unveil an impressive lineup of keynote speakers set to share their expertise and insights on digital primary care at HETT North in February. You will hear from the likes of:  

  • Kathy Scott, Deputy Chief Executive, Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber 
  • Euan McComiskie, Health Informatics Lead, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 
  • Chris Nortcliff, Digital Lead, Greater Manchester Primary Care Provider Board 
  • Conor Burke, CEO, UHUK 

Join the Vision for the Future: Supporting Primary Care Across the UK 

The overarching goal of the Digital Primary Care Insights stream is to contribute to a future where technology supports and drives efficiency across the sector. Through discussions and exploration, we aim to provide a roadmap for the future landscape of the Primary Care sector.  

Join us on February 28th at HETT North as we explore the future of digital social care together. 

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