Are you thinking about expanding virtual wards in your ICS?

Download our free whitepaper to explore how you can embed virtual wards in your healthcare organisation.Get the whitepaperWhat is the whitepaper about?

The expansion of virtual wards has been made a key priority for the NHS over the next two years, with significant funding to support their implementation and expansion. However, if this is going to become an increasingly important part of care delivery, is the NHS equipped to navigate such unknown territory?

To get a better understanding of how to approach, and embed the evolving growth of virtual wards in your organisation, we will explore the following key areas in this whitepaper:

  • What is a tech-enabled virtual ward?
  • The current landscape
  • The challenges
  • Picking the right supplier

By sharing best practices we hope to support, the NHS in achieving the national targets set out in the 2022/23 Priorities & Operational. Planning Guidance and providing a clearer picture of the best route to take.

Download our free whitepaper where strategic approaches to virtual wards complement your care delivery.

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