The transformation of our NHS into a digital-first body seems to be inevitable - but is our health service in a position for this to occur, and what are the potential pitfalls on this journey to a digitally mature NHS?


What is Digital Maturity? 

Digital Maturity refers to the ability of a company or body to respond to technological advancements and shifting expectations of an increasingly digitally connected consumer base.

Typically, within the NHS, this is judged by how well NHS organisations can identify areas for transformation, procure solutions and implement them, as well as how well they can keep these systems connected within their own body and with other organisations.

We can also measure this through a company or organisation's mindset towards transformation. Are the goals long-term and is failure seen as an accepted learning towards an eventual goal? Or, are they looking for short-term quick fixes?

Are we ready for a Digital NHS? 

Digital transformation and the pathway to Digital Maturity are at the forefront of the current conversation about how we keep the NHS a relevant, contemporary organisation that offers the best patient outcomes, but are we currently ready for widespread transformation?

Funding disparity is a potential stumbling block that stands in the way currently. If a key component of a digitally mature trust is the ability to connect not only their systems, but to connect and integrate with the systems of a neighbouring Trust, it's imperative that both organisations have the ability and funding to make this happen.

Current NHS strategy to digital transformation relies on connected systems to be able to progress, and the announcement of a Unified Tech Fund aims to address this imbalance and allow for organisations of all sizes to accelerate digital transformation, and only time will tell if these initiatives are sufficient to level the playing field throughout the wider NHS.

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