Remote patient monitoring is central to the biggest NHS catch-up programme in history

The NHS has started the biggest catch-up programme in its history – and remote patient monitoring can play a central role in helping the health service to recover from the worst pandemic in a century.

Announcing the government’s recovery plan, the prime minister promised “radical innovation” in the NHS to improve the speed and quality of care with better diagnostic services, designated surgical facilities, faster GP access to specialists and, most importantly from our perspective, “new digital technology so doctors can monitor patients remotely in their homes”.

Remote monitoring supports patients at home, reduces the risk of Covid infection, increases capacity in hospitals and limits unnecessary travel, helping to decarbonise the NHS.

At Inhealthcare, we stepped up during the coronavirus crisis to support frontline workers and vulnerable patients with remote monitoring and digital health services. Now we are proud to be supporting the NHS during the recovery with the expansion of services for Covid patients at home and people living with long-term conditions such as hypertension, respiratory disease, atrial fibrillation and diabetes.

In collaboration with NHS partners, we are deploying cost-effective services at speed and scale to improve patient outcomes and increase capacity in the healthcare system.

Inhealthcare is a market leader in digital health and remote monitoring pathways and works with NHS organisations across the UK as part of Covid recovery and digital transformation plans.

  • Trusted by more than one million patients
  • More than 100 digital health services co-designed with the NHS with input from clinicians and users
  • Purpose-built services for every organisation to meet local needs and the needs of population areas
  • Services built at speed and cost-effectively using the Inhealthcare Toolkit
  • Digitally inclusive and accessible to all
  • Industry-leading reporting and analytics
  • All pathways are delivered from a single platform, providing economies of scale
  • Inhealthcare Platform registered as a Medical Device with MHRA
  • Industry-leading integration with national systems across the NHS including NHS Spine, GP Connect, MESH, SCI Store, EMIS Web and SystmOne
  • Open and published APIs for connecting to third-party systems
  • Integration with industry standards such as HL7 v2 and v3 and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

To find out why a growing number of NHS organisations are choosing Inhealthcare as their remote monitoring and digital health partner, write to me at

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