We caught up with HETT Steering Committee Chair Sam Shah ahead of HETT North 2023 to discuss a big year to come for the NHS and the top priorities for the ongoing Digital Health Transformation effort.

Digital transformation will continue to be a top priority for the NHS in 2023. As the list of challenges opposing this transformation continues to grow, as do the opportunities for technology-led innovation and digital tool adoption.

Across the UK, successful integration of health and social systems absorbs significant time and resources. Effectively harnessing data to empower greater interoperability between services, enabling a more seamless and coordinated care experience for patients, can be seen as a north star.

As data intelligence improves, what steps will be made with electronic patient records (EHRs) and remote monitoring this year to allow patients to receive the care they need, in the most appropriate environment? This seems to be a top priority for digital leaders and system leaders dealing with diminishing resource but increasing demand.

Elective surgery waiting lists are breaking records, a key question is whether technology can help manage this demand and partner with patients in their surgical journey? Equally a similar set of challenges exist in primary care and the ongoing debate around use of online tools with triage.

The digital workforce needs of the NHS is not immune to pressures. Executives and managers will continue identify new ways of hiring and retaining the digital workforce. Inequality is present across the whole health and care system. Digital inclusion could be a major driver to reducing inequality and improving access to care.

HETT North provides the platform for clinicians, policy leaders, suppliers and innovators to engage in vital conversations and debate our optimal approach to solving real issues. Learn from topic experts, connect with pioneering innovators and involve yourself in the conversations that spark your interests.

Join us for the inaugural edition of HETT North, taking place this 2nd of March 2023 at Manchester Central Convention Complex.
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