In the insightful session ‘The wider data strategy – Unleashing the untapped potential of data-driven healthcare’ captured at HETT Show 2021 (28-29 September) Ming Tang, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at NHS England and Improvement explained how we can do more to support the wider NHS data and analytics workforce.

It’s important that we think about the analytical workforce as different stages of development. During Covid, what we learnt is that there are skills out there, as well as a huge desire to collaborate and learn from each other. 15.5k analysts said that they want to join up to work together so what we need to do is make sure that

  1. We make the data available
  2. We connect the data platforms so that the investments we have done locally allow data to flow backwards and forwards
  3. We create standards around that data so that we are more consistent with the analysis
  4. We build up the workforce capability, the new data science, AI

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All the above needs to be done in a framework. What we have done with ICS’s is ‘What good looks like’ in a digital sense, but also for the workforce it’s making sure that we give them a clear idea of what the competencies are, what a career looks like in data and analytics and how you progress.

For the wider NHS, the wider value of data is how you ensure that we can link the data we collect with decision making. We are moving away from just reporting to how we triangulate different sets of data to help us to predict, better anticipate where we are going to need help and support, and assist around decisions so whether that be utilization, optimisation or workforce decision. Bringing all that data together, making sure that we have all the right models and scenarios so that we can move away from static analysis to scenario-based so that everybody in the system can make better use of the data and the decisions they’re making from it.

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