The Future of Healthcare Connectivity and IoT: Accelerating patient care in remote and clinical care settings

Insights from Juniper Networks, Alder Hey Innovation Hub, and University Hospitals Sussex

Every healthcare organisation around the world grapples with three concurrent imperatives: better healthcare outcomes, operations, and patient experiences.

Supporting connectivity in clinical settings is critical to achieving the highest quality patient and clinician experience.

Join us on the 23rd March at 2 PM (GMT) for an insightful webinar to learn how the evolution of digital tools is helping to create better experiences for patients and staff.

During the webinar, we will cover the following critical topics:

  • The critical importance of a reliable wireless network to support the acceleration of patient care.
  • The growing role of mobile devices and what is needed to support best practice 'role out' here.
  • Where are the opportunities for IoT specific technologies?
  • Supporting patients through ICSs - Multiple interactions collecting and feeding back a lot of data in a timely way
  • Ensuring stability and security in the hospital with data coming in with external networks
  • Managing multiple chronic conditions remotely - eg. Monitoring oxygen levels. Food diary/exercise regime,
  • BYOD - growth in necessity and facilitating this.
  • The critical importance of delivering a reliable network in a modern hospital - eliminating 'dead spots'
  • Where are the wireless device opportunities in theatres -i.e: system remote surgery
  • Moving towards a wireless or cable-free environment
  • Metaverse - Opportunities with tools such as Holo-lens - inviting experts in from outside the hospital to consult on difficult cases.

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