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In the realm of healthcare, the focus on physical healing takes centre stage, but here at Lincor, we know the importance of mental wellbeing in the recovery process should not be underestimated. Hospitals can be daunting places, filled with unfamiliar surroundings and routines, and the mental state of a patient plays a crucial role in the overall healing process.  

We heard this first-hand at last year’s HETT show in London’s Excel centre. We’d trundled off there with the usual mix of excitement and dread that the show normally stirs in exhibitors. Excitement about meeting new people and seeing all our hard work come together for the show, and dread about whether we’d remembered to pack the right pair of comfy shoes. 

Comfy shoes turned out to be the least of our worries. We’d planned for everything, we thought, except for the courier losing our demo gear. It was due to be the centrepiece of our show stand. Quick thinking and resourcefulness were our friends though, and we got replacement gear so that when everyone arrived, you’d never know there had been an issue. 

Our stand and messages obviously resonated, because we were constantly busy, and we had some great conversations. We also heard lots of stories that put our own little drama into perspective, as you can imagine from a show hall full of healthcare professionals. 

Most rewarding though was seeing our customers come and look us up to see what’s new and exciting. They underscored our founding belief that keeping mentally active during hospitalisation is a key aspect of wellbeing. Engaging in activities (not just Netflix!) that stimulate the mind not only helps pass the time but also contributes significantly to a patient's overall recovery. Patient education and connections with loved ones being equally important, too. 

And with the budget and staffing pressures felt by healthcare providers, shortening stays and improving patient outcomes is really very important – especially when a new entertainment and patient education system actually frees-up budget for other things. 

We’d be delighted to hear your patient wellbeing stories at HETT North in Manchester this February. We can also show you how your nurses’ jobs can be made easier the with the clinical functions of Lincor’s patient engagement system. We’ll be in comfy shoes, you can wear what you like. 

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